Mary + Steve Wedding

Mary and Steve's intimate San Juan Capistrano wedding had a lovely vintage flare. Not only that, I'm pretty sure each and every guest in attendance was blown away when, at the reception, they took to their seats to find a portrait of themselves drawn by the bride! 

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Amanda & Mark's Wedding

Amanda and Mark have amazing people in their lives. For their first look, the couple walked from opposite sides of the park surrounded by loved ones, as they sang Queen's "Somebody to Love." The singing didn't stop there. The dancing didn't stop all night. T'was a great wedding!

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Moxi at Woodward West

The Moxi Skate Team set out for a fun filled "skatecation" to one of the largest skate parks in the US, Woodward West. No prisoners were taken, nor were enough drinking cups. Some knees were gnarled, a wallet was lost as were a couple drivers. But hey, the trip was a screaming success!

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